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Open auditions in December [21 Sep 2011|04:12pm]

A great chance to be involved in challenging community theatre with an award winning group!

Open auditions on December 4th 2011, from 1.30pm sharp at our new main rehearsal venue:
Chestnut Heights Community Centre

1 - 3 Poplar Close,

Open auditions for the spring/early summer 2012 South Devon Players show, written from historical records and eyewitness accounts, about theGreat Storm of Brixham, which took place in january 1866.

Performances will include Teignmouth Drama Festival, a fundraiser for a memorial in Brixham honouring the local fishermen, and others currently being confirmed.

Quite a large cast required, male and female, aged 16 - 70s, to play fishermen, coastguards, townspeople and fishwives - there are also two speaking child roles (aged 8 - 10). previous experience not required.

This is the public audition, however if you cannot make this event, then you are most welcome to contact us to arrange another audition date with our casting panel. Our main website is http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com/ through which you can also contact us (or our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/southdevonplayers/)  Please pass the links on to anyone who may be interested!
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Two casting calls for theatre projects (Devon, UK) [04 Feb 2011|05:17pm]

Sadly, shows arent paid, but as you will see there are other perks. We are an award winning, non-profit community theatre company specialising in shows with a historical theme, based in South West England. If you are interested in either show, you can message me here on Livejournal (I am the secretary for the group), or visit our website and facebook links. People need to be locally based to the shows, so think the South of Devon. 
If you will be on holiday in the area though, and would like to join in, as these are fast-turn-around shows, you are still totally welcome to get involved!

Feel free to share the information, but please include ALL the information if you do. :)
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[10 Jan 2011|03:52pm]

Because I am at home and not well, I am using this time to post up various things online!

This one, isnt aimed at anyone *on here*, but is a general "vent", and  something that I think is important to say to people wanting to get into acting, from the point of view of someone who varyingly performs, and is on the admin end.

It has been my invariable experience that when I put out a public casting notice, the vast majority of responders turn out to be time wasters - which not only wastes my time digging through applications that cant be considered, but the time of the people applying. It also makes the responders appear shockingly unprofessional!

Let me explain. Say I put out a casting notice for male actors to play medieval knights in an upcoming production. Because our theatre company is a small regional one, and rehearsals need to be attended, I will also mention that we can only consider applications from a certain area. If there are listing menu preferences as well, I select the relevant options on those too.

So, given that set of specifications, the majority of applications that I recieve are from people at the minimum the other side of the country if not abroad, and having specified male actors I will get a lot of female applications (and if I advertise for female cast, I get men apply for it!). People state that they cannot possibly attend rehearsals but are desparate to be in the show. Or after I have clearly stated that this is a stage show, they write a whole page in txt-spk on why they are the ideal casting choice for my "movie".

And then often they email me later, upset that they were not selected....

If I am looking at online casting notices for myself, I read the requirements posted. If I dont fit the bill, I move on to the next. I dont apply for things that I would in no way fit the bill for.

Please, people, make yourselves appear professional however big or small the role you are applying for. Apply for things you can be suited for, not for things you arent. Dont waste your time and other peoples.
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[29 Oct 2010|02:42pm]

CASTING CALL (Torbay, England) with award winning community theatre company.

Show:  The Barbary Pirates
Group: The South Devon Players (website    Facebook group)

Performances between April and August 2011 in the South Devon area. Including national theatre competition entry.

Performers required
We are looking for RELIABLE male and female performers to play pirates, convicts and bellydancers. You need to be aged 16 -116, live locally to be able to attend weekly rehearsals and workshops (Wednesdays 7.30 - 9pm) in Brixham. Free training in bellydance and/or stage combat included. Experience not required, but enthusiasm, regular attendance and effort are a must. Re-casting several roles due to timewasters. The project isnt paid but lots of free dance and combat training, with photographs, and references upon request, for future drama/ theatre studies all provided upon succesful completion of the "run".

About show...
Based on historical accounts, this story is of a group of Devon fisher-folk taken prisoner by a fleet of Barbary Corsairs, and their subsequent adventures.
Rehearsals are currently underway, applicants will be asked to join us at rehearsal and workshops for an evening, and if successful to attend from there on.

To be considered
You can contact me directly here, or through the website or facebook group as listed above.
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[20 Oct 2010|11:50am]

I am currently planning a stage set for a (high action) play, and would like to pick anyone elses brains  (I have some ideas, but am picking other peoples brains as well for any ace ideas. Ideas used would be credited in the programme.)
The play is set in about 1700, and the scenes are

- English Harbourside
- Convict Ship
- Algerian market
- Sheikhs Palace
- Pirate ship
- English harbourside tavern

We are performing at a drama festival, and can only have limited stage set (its also what we can get there in three cars plus cast! We are then doing some open air shows, which work as even more limited! The drama festival theatre stage gives us a simple black backdrop and flats.

My plan so far is to have a basic nautical set that doubles as the harbour and the ships, with a lighting change and background sound effects to indicate where it is, alongside the acting by the cast.
In the Algerian market, we are having the merchants bring on rugs and cushions and whatnot to make it look like a Middle Eastern market place.
The Sheikhs palace is similar, with the one bit of backdrop - flown light gauze fabric hangings, and a few ornaments brought on as part of the play by servants.
This is all removed for the pirate ship, in which we go back to the basic set, and  a pirate flag flying, which turns into the tavern with the wenches bringing on two tables, with bottles and tankards.

Those are my ideas, but I was wondering if anyone had any "quick and simple" ideas for getting more definition between the harbour and the ships. Thanks tons for any ideas... :)
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